Tilapia is one of the most popular fish among consumers. There are several reasons for this. First of all it is inexpensive, it does not contain too many bones and is easy to cook.


I was a big consumer of this fish myself until I published a video on my facebook page Lyvie’s cooking. I noticed a lot of comments from my subscribers who told me not to eat this fish, that it was dangerous to health, etc. Curious as I am, I did some research on the Internet and actually came across a lot of reports that confirmed what they said.  I’ll let you find out for yourself what I’ve discovered.

Why is breeding Tilapia dangerous?

There have been numerous reports that farmed Tilapia is fed from animal feces and can therefore increase your risk of cancer by 10 times more than wild-caught fish. Farmed fish are reported to be fed with duck, chicken and pig droppings.

Tilapia are more prone to disease because they are raised in crowded fish pens. Farm owners give them antibiotics to prevent them from getting sick. They also receive pesticides to treat sea lice, a common problem. These chemicals are effective but are harmful to human health when ingested.

Another toxic chemical in tilapia is dioxin, which has been linked to the development and progression of cancer and other serious health problems.

A study conducted at Wake Forest University (North Carolina) in 2008 found that tilapia contains more omega 6 than omega 3. Although omega 6 is also needed by the body. Superior Omega 6 means an increased risk of asthma, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, as it is known to cause inflammation inside the body.

All these reports on cultivated tilapia are sure to leave a bad taste in your mouth but don’t worry; Tilapia is not the only fish in the world. Many others are safe and won’t endanger your health.


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