African cuisine, a passion.

Come and discover my African recipes in videos to reproduce them more easily. 

Hier finden Sie jedes unserer Rezepte in Videos, begleitet von Fotos und vollständigen Anleitungen, um sie zu Hause auf einfachste Weise selbst zuzubereiten. 

Embark with one of us on a journey around African gastronomy, a cuisine as rich as it is varied.

African recipes

Discover my African recipes to reproduce them more easily

Unsere Rezepte im Video

Come and discover my African recipes in videos to reproduce them more easily.

African recipes with Lyvie

It is with great pleasure that I am pleased to present to you today my second book of African recipes.
25 traditional recipes

Through this book, I honor our beautiful African cuisine to the delight of your taste buds.
So come and discover like my thousands of subscribers, simple, easy and delicious recipes. Enjoy your meal!

Even if you don't cook regularly following my recipes will be child's play for you. Each instruction is meticulously detailed and explained.

Even if they are traditional African recipes, I add my personal touch so that cooking remains above all a pleasure and accessible to all.

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Louise Louise

Very lively and interesting to listen to, his videos are clearly structured, easy to follow a real pleasure! Thank you Lyvie

Elena Elena

At the top of the top thanks to her and her recipes I learned a lot thank you, continue to make us discover African cuisine.

Amandine Amandine

Your recipes are really great and on top of that on your videos you are always smiling in joy and the good mood continues like this.

The blog

Find here my favorites or my favorites on African cuisine because even in the kitchen you have to keep informed.